Leadership Is Just Psychology, Applied.

So, how might you 
use psychology 
to drive performance?

Until we answer to robots, and we're probably not far off, but until that day comes - leadership remains an inherently human activity. 

It's people dealing with people. 

And people are driven entirely by their psychological makeup, by their: cognitive processing, modulating of emotion, rationalisation, coping mechanisms, values, framing, motivations. 

How/what we think (cognition), triggers how we feel (emotion), triggers how we perform (behaviour).  
You can influence these neurotriggers
In fact, we help CEOs and senior management do just that. 

We call this approach applied neuroleadership - taking the latest findings from psychological science/behavioural economics, and applying it to real world organisations. 
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Science has discovered many things about people in the workplace; how output can be increased, happiness improved, patterns of communication optimised. But these research insights rarely make it outside the lab. This book bridges that gap.
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